Twitch Plays Glockenspiel

In the spirit of MIT hacking culture, allow us to present: Twitch Plays Glockenspiel!

On dealing with failure

Dealing with failure is an essential part of life. Learning to deal with failure in a healthy, positive manner should be, too.

Technical interview overview

Compilation of my advice for undergraduates at MIT looking to find a summer internship or full-time new-grad position in software engineering.

Shoutkey is unsafe

A toy investigation into Shoutkey’s safety led unsurprisingly to multiple private documents.

Tackling the technical presentation

Many successful people make a habit of delivering inspiring, clear, and engaging presentations. But learning to give good technical presentations is a bit of a journey. Here are four concepts I practice during presentation preps.

Just ask for feedback

The best way to deal with stress is by removing it.

Intern advice to my former self

Today I had a meeting with the Partner Director of Microsoft’s Azure IoT, and he asked me if I had any advice for future interns. I do.

Me right now

Quick overview of who I am as of July 23, 2016.